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Complete Transportation & Logistics Services

Tranz-Global Xpress Freight, offers premier freight transportation and logistics services for USA & Puerto Rico businesses. Inland trucking, ocean consolidation (LTL & FCL), Warehousing & Distribution, and more.….

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Puerto Rico Service

Tranz-Global offers a wide variety of Ocean solutions to the island of Puerto Rico. Years of experience await your call to help you move your ocean freight expeditiously, cost-effectively, and efficiently….

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Warehousing & Distribution - JAX & PR

Tranz-Global can accomodate your warehousing and logistics needs. Long-term or short-term warehousing. Pick & pack, Free online WMS….

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Service Center

Puerto Rico

Our Service Center is located within minutes from the port of San Juan, giving us the ability to quickly out-gate and unload our customers’ cargo once the containers are off-loaded from the vessel. In many instances, customers can expect delivery of their shipments the same day containers are off-loaded from the vessel.


Tranz-Global Xpress Freight has a strategically-located Service Center in one of the nation’s fastest growing cities, with capacity to offer Total Supply Chain Solutions including cross-docking, warehousing and distribution, pick and pack, packaging, consolidation and deconsolidation of containers.

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Why Choose Us? Find reasons to choose us as your freight partner

Customer Satisfication Tools

Enhanced visibility – with our state-of-the-art IT applications, you are always accurately informed about the status of your shipments, keeping your supply chain visible and manageable in real time. (e.g. order management, receipt of goods, departure data, delivery completed, document management, monitor security, configurable reports) –

Management & Reporting

Our online client portal is one of the most complete portals in the industry. Access shipments reports, access metric reports, view online documents, order management, receipt of goods, departure data, delivery completed, configurable reports are just a few of the benefits from logging in your portal. Login today!

Freight Payment Options

e-Commerce within the click of your mouse. Tranz-Global gives you the flexibility and convenience of paying your freight invoices online, saving you time and money in the long-term.

Competitive advantage

Lower landed costs – we are extremely price competitive and offer one of the highest values for your transportation spend. Our customers are enjoying reductions of 10 to 20 percent or more in total supply chain costs, including direct and indirect costs.

Logistics optimization - When your supply chain is optimized, your business will run more effectively, thus saving you time and costs (e.g. visibility, online payments, order management, inventory management). We support you by coordinating all contacts throughout the value chain, hence allowing you to focus on your core business

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a NMFC number?
    This is a numeric indicator that specifically identifies each type of product that can be shipped by a LTL carrier. The National Motor Freight Association presets these product classifications quarterly. It is always helpful to have the NMFC number on the Bill of Lading in order to avoid re-classification and accurately identify each product you ship. You can contact Tranz-Global Xpress Logistics, Inc. at 787-200-9086 to determine the NMFC number for your products.
  • What if my items are fragile?
    When shipping personal or fragile items, it is best to use a moving company (also known as Van Line Services). Freight carriers can move personal items but they will only offer 10 cents per pound in insuring your freight. Van Lines specialize in moving personal items and will offer additional insurance to cover your item's value. Common carriers are NOT recommended for shipping costly fragile items.
  • Do fees apply for residential service?
    The carrier defines a business as a location that opens and closes to the general public at set times each day. You may be considered a residence if you are located in a residential zone, even if you open and close at set times. Schools, colleges, and churches located in residential zones may also incur residential fees.
  • Are your rates guaranteed?
    Tranz-Global Xpress Logistics, Inc. has accounts set up with regional and national carriers based on our ability to give them a large volume of shipments. To ensure that you receive the Tranz-Global Xpress Logistics, Inc.’s rate that we have quoted, you must provide the driver with a copy of the Tranz-Global Xpress Logistics, Inc. BOL. This lets the carrier know to bill the shipment on the Tranz-Global Xpress Logistics, Inc. account at the discounts we have negotiated
  • Are transit times guaranteed?
    Transit times are guaranteed only if noted as such on the carrier options list returned for your quote. All other transit times are reliable, but not guaranteed. Transit times do not include the day of pickup.
  • What happens if my shipment isn't ready when the driver comes?
    Most commonly, the driver will not wait. The driver will be dispatched for the following day, which delays your service. You will be assessed a fee if the carrier charges Tranz-Global Xpress Logistics, Inc. for the duplicated pickup.
  • Can I estimate the weight of my shipment?
    If an inaccurate weight or class is used and a shipment is reweighed or re-classed by the carrier, those costs may be passed on to you. Reweighing may also delay delivery.
  • What is the claims process?
    Claims are handled directly between the shipper, consignee and the carrier. Tranz-Global Xpress Logistics, Inc. is not involved in the actual claims process and has no influence in the carrier's claim decision. Claims with the carrier must be filed within 90 days of delivery. The claimant should only file for loss or damage on the product which was shipped. ALWAYS be as concise as possible in noting specific damage on the delivery receipt. Our representatives can coach you on filing a claim and provide the proper forms. Tranz-Global Xpress Logistics, Inc. does offer a service to file your claim for you please ask a rep. about these services. The industry-standard liability cargo insurance coverage offered by all LTL carriers booked through Tranz-Global Xpress Logistics, Inc. is $0.99 cents per pound. In addition, Tranz-Global Xpress Logistics, Inc. offers its customers the ability to purchase supplementary freight insurance.
  • What happens if I receive a bill directly from a carrier?
    Simply call our customer service department at 787-200-9086 and fax a copy of the bill you received. Our customer service team will be happy to take care of it and have the charges properly credited. This situation usually occurs when the Tranz-Global Xpress Logistics, Inc. BOL is not used. To prevent problems in the future, please make sure that the shipper gives the driver a copy of the automated Tranz-Global Xpress Logistics, Inc.on every shipment.
  • What is dimensional weight?
    Dimensional weight is a standard formula used throughout the air freight industry that considers a package's density when determining charges. Transportation charges are based on the gross weight of the shipment or the dimensional weight of the shipment; whichever is greater. Simply put, dimensional weight is when the weight of a package is inappropriately less than the actual size of the package. For example, a box filled with air.
  • When do dimensional weight charges apply?
    When the actual weight of a package is less than the calculated dimensional weight, carriers charge by the dimensional weight. This is the norm with air freight shipments.
  • When should I use a motor freight carrier?
    When your item weighs more than 150 lbs., truck transportation is more economical than using a parcel service. Common carriers transport your item on a truck with additional small shipments so that the costs for transportation are shared. If your shipment weighs more than 8,000 lbs, you may need an entire truck (or have a Truckload shipment). Standard procedure for common carriers involves a truck driver backing up to a dock to be loaded by the consignor (shipper), and driving the cargo to the receiving destination to be unloaded by the consignee. Any service that isn't considered "standard procedure" may require additional fees.
  • Do I call the carrier after scheduling with Tranz-Global Xpress Logistics, Inc.?
    Please do not call the freight carrier or terminal - this will duplicate the pickup. When you schedule with Carrierrate.com, we contact the carrier electronically.
  • What should I do with the Bill of Lading?
    Everyone involved should have a copy of the Bill of Lading (buyer, seller and carrier). It is imperative that the BOL be given to the truck driver when he makes the pickup. Keep one copy for your records.
  • How should I package my shipments?
    Please package, crate or stack on pallets securely to prevent damage. Secure cartons to the pallet with banding, shrink-wrap, stretch-wrap or breakaway adhesive. Improper packaging may void the carrier's liability for damage. Stack cartons squarely on the skid with no overhang. Be sure the top surface is flat. Labels must be placed on every piece or package.
  • Can I schedule a shipment and have it picked up on the same day?
    Yes, but this service cannot be guaranteed due to our carriers' capacity. Please allow a 4-hour window before your docks close so Tranz-Global Xpress Logistics, Inc.can get a driver dispatched out to your location within that same day. Please note that carriers normally make pickups in the afternoon and deliver in the morning.

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