Tranz-Global’s warehousing and distribution capabilities include full-service management backed by road, rail, air, and ocean freight forwarding products, advanced technology and strategically-located facilities. Our facilities are located close to major highways for ease of reach and equipment access. With flexibility in facility size and type, we are able to select an existing site or set up what you need for optimal proximity. Our priority is always to select sites with the set-up you need, located within easy access of both, your facilities and established transport routes. This allows us to meet the fast turn-around times requested of exemplary warehouse operations. Tranz-Global operates its own warehouse in San Juan, PR in Jacksonville FL. Tranz-Global Xpress has strong long-term relationships with highly experienced warehouse providers in Los Angeles, CA, Chicago, IL, Miami, FL, Charlotte, NC, and Pennsauken, PA. Through our network of GlobalTranz agents, we are able to offer over 10,000,000 sq ft of warehousing space across major markets within the USA. Our facilities provide real-time inventory levels visibility though our free state-of-the art warehouse/inventory management system (WMS).

Tranz-Global is able to offer the following warehouse/logistics services:

  • Inventory Management
  • Weekly Puerto Rico LCL Consolidation in Jacksonville
  • Free Trade Zone
  • Storage & Distribution Services
  • Container Stuffing and Transloading
  • Fulfillment Services
  • Pick & Pack
  • Labeling
  • Freight Consolidation
  • Electronic Receipts using Bar-Coding & Wireless Scanners
  • Ability for Customers to Pull Info & Inventory Records into Excel via the Internet

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